Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hipstamatic - NYC

Gandhi @ Union SquareCentral ParkTimes Square
Times Square

Hipstamatic - NYC, a set on Flickr.

Clicked on my iPod Touch..

First TV show

It was like 9:30am I got a call from a friend of mine asking me if I could be one of the camera operator for a TV show at 11am in midtown Manhattan. I went to bed only at 5:30am. But few things which really dragged me to accept this:
-First TV show
-Decent pay
-First time with HPX2000

And there was a big/medium sized Jimmy Jib inside the studio.
Here is the video of its operator testing it.... (and my finger in the frame.. Ugh! CINEMATOGRAPHERS THESE DAYS)

This is is ME standing by the camera mounted on this big boy..

Welllll.... I was not ready for the picture or I could have pulled my tummy in..... Thanks Tony(the one who shot this picture/the other camera operator/my good friend)

And this is my machine.... HPX2000

Ok, Im not into the camera review this time since I didn't play much with it. The settings were already decided and set. 

So ya, we shot an episode and I had no idea what they were talking about since it's an arabic. I was just following live orders from the video booth. It was fun. It's just that my frame was static MOST OF THE TIME- just on the host. I was asked to frame differently couple of times - din't work much though because of a tight frame. 

All I did was - stood by the camera, framed the anchor, pressed record, chewed my gum, got my pay cheque, back home.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Death By Analog - In A Cage

A music video, shot last november where I was the dolly grip. I didn't know that Im going to be the editor for the same as well. YES! I edited this after 3 months of production and here you go.

I got a call from the director(Eduardo Alcivar) this february asking me to edit this. I took like less than 2 weeks. I also animated the title from the logo he designed for the artist.

Even after it's done, it has been like couple of months then and now, finally, I got the permission to blog/vimeo this.

-FCP for editing and AE CS4 for some color corrections, title and credits
-I also used the plugin Twitch from videocopilot
-Photoshop CS4 to re-create the logo

Watch it in HD and with good speakers/headphones. FEEL THE BEATS!!!

Feedbacks appreciated :)

How-answered; and Occam's razor

I wrote on videocopilot forum to get an answer for this

and here you go:'s_razor

Friday, April 22, 2011


Watch this shot (02:47 to 03:40) from Erin Brockovich - Forte Come La Verità

02:47 to 03:40

I mean..... HOWWWW????

I doubt on 03:27... or even the whole thing is really shot and some little compositing and awesome sound design to make it look real???

Thanks to my friend Sripal Sama, who shared this with me and we came across some interesting ideas and had a good discussion on the same.

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Sneak Peek..

Its been a long time since I posted something. So I thought of sharing what I've been working on lately.

Its a music video directed by my friend, Nick M. Holmes. Shot on Red One.

Im using 'After Effects CS4' for keying and effects. 'Mocha for After effects' for tracking. Its been really hard since they didn't have the VFX supervisor on set and so it took me DAYS to cover the flaws.
And I have to tell you, KEYLIGHT 2.0 is THE plugin for keying in After Effects. So versatile.

I might be posting more on this project before they permit me to post the music video itself in the blog/vimeo.
More topics, More surprises coming soon...